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Serving families around the world, we provide in-depth reviews, answering all the questions about many brands and types of tape, old and new.  We answer the questions that you didn’t even know you had.

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Some families are born to the greatness of professional sports. Other families are steeped in the heritage of great athletic conquests and pursuits. Our family breaks and tapes things: lots of things. And we’ve decided to answer all your questions about many brands and types of tape.

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Using and testing tape for you since 1970.

Using and testing tape for you since 1970.

We believe that your tape needs deserve the highest quality, comprehensive reviews that answer all the questions you may have.

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We provide a wide range of services for tape users and tape lovers everywhere.

Site Setup Guides

Site Setup Guides

Our site setup guides provide you with instructions on how to best set up the environment for the tape.

Tape News

Tape News

We keep you informed regarding all the late-breaking news when it comes to new brands and categories of tape.


Strategy Guides

For each tape application, we provide strategy guides that give you an understanding of how to apply the tape.

Taping Environment

Taping Environment

We describe the ideal environment for each and every type and brand of tape, so you can choose appropriate tape.

Thermal Guides

Thermal Guides

We provide you with guides that instruct you to as the thermal properties of each brand and type of tape.

Adhesion Guides

Adhesion Guides

We guide you through the strengths and weaknesses of each type and brand of tape, so you can choose a tape that will stick.

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We have a team of highly-qualified tape users and testers with good background knowledge and experience. We’re all tape-savvy and truly care about your tape requirements.

We offer free consultations through email to answer any questions you may have. Contact us through one of the channels on this website for a consultation or appointment.

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We’re not trained, certified, licensed, or insured. We just know how to select good tape.

We're Experienced.

We have 150+ years of experience using and testing tape.

We're Friendly & Caring.

Trust us, and your tape needs will be in good hands.


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